Academic Information

Required Coursework

  • 4 accounting research seminars (minimum)
  • 3 seminars in a collateral area (e.g., finance, economics, statistics)
  • 4 econometrics courses
  • 1 microeconomics course
  • 1 course on accessing data from a variety of databases
  • 1 teaching-preparation course

Collaboration on research papers is a major focus of the program. Students complete papers, often coauthored with faculty, during their first and second years and are given the support needed to begin work on their research agendas early.

Students must pass a comprehensive examination before beginning work on a dissertation. They may choose to specialize in auditing, corporate governance, tax or financial accounting.


Tennessee Alumni Research Symposium – The AIM department hosts an annual symposium in the Haslam College of Business to allow accounting alumni to present and receive feedback on current research.

CGC Research Forum and AIM Workshop Series – The college-wide CGC Research Forum meets on a weekly basis in the fall and spring semesters. Its purpose is to allow faculty and Ph.D. students from accounting, finance and law to present early stage research on a variety of topics. The AIM department also hosts several outside presenters each semester as part of the AIM Outside Workshop Speaker Series.