Student Opportunities

Business Online Summer Session

The Business Online Summer Session (BOSS), is a distance-learning program that provides an opportunity for undergraduate students who are studying abroad, conducting internships or otherwise living outside Knoxville during the summer to pursue classes essential to their degree. The program is particularly useful to business minors for whom these classes are required.

Prerecorded lectures will be available online for students to view when convenient to their schedule. Professors will conduct online group discussions several times weekly. Students will be evaluated on electronically submitted course work. BOSS is designed for students to take lectures and pursue assignments on their own schedule; however there will be benchmarks throughout the semester.

Students who qualifies for a business courses can register for BOSS just like any other class.

For more information email Mark Collins or call (865) 974-9623.

2016 Full Summer Session - Course Offerings:

  • Management 201, Introduction to Business Management
  • Economics 201, Introductory Economics: A Survey Course
  • Statistics 201, Introduction to Statistics
  • Finance 300, Fundamentals of Finance
  • Management 300, Organizational Management
  • Marketing 300, Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Registration begins February 26, 2015.
Classes begin June 1, 2016
Open to all students.