Featured Research

Population Projections

The Boyd Center has compiled population estimates for Tennessee by county, MSA, age, sex and race through the year 2070. Access a full list of data breakdowns, including methodology, executive summary and notes.

Population Research

TNSDC Population Estimates and Projections

Economic Report to the Governor

Raw data used to create the annual report on national and state economic development based upon 10-year and 10-quarter economic forecasts. The report is designated as the official forecast for Tennessee state government internal programming and future budget planning purposes.

Economic Research

The Basic Education Program 2.0

The Basic Education Program 2.0 (BEP) outlines the funding formula used to allocate state education dollars to Tennessee’s k-12 schools. This formula compares a locality’s average tax rate to its tax use to calculate a percentage reflecting its ability to generate revenue from its own base to cover educational resource needs.

Basic Education Program Data