Tennessee Economic and Fiscal Indicators: March 2020-July 2021

The Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research worked with the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration to produce a series of data that showed the effects of COVID-19 on Tennessee’s economy.

Tennessee’s economy experienced exceptional disruption beginning in March of 2020. The Boyd Center’s weekly economic indicators were compiled as a direct response to the shocks related to jobs, unemployment claims and revenues. Since that time, our detailed tracking of these key indicators has shown continued improvement and in recent months marked stability. In light of this, we are suspending publication of the Weekly Indicators package. In the coming months, as we continue to monitor these areas, we will also be working to develop additional tools to help state and local leaders monitor conditions in our state’s economy.

An archive of the monthly reports is still available at the bottom of our webpage. Please email UTBoydCenter@utk.edu with any questions or requests for information pertaining to the project.

Economic & Fiscal Indicators, by Week

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Released Monthly: Unemployment, Employment Growth, & Local Sales Tax Revenue

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Note: Employment and sales tax revenue data are released monthly for the month prior, so April’s report shows March data. The data are collected mid-month, so in this case the March data will not reflect the effects of COVID-19. That effect will be visible in April’s monthly data when it is released in May.