University of Tennessee

BUAD 331 – CBM I: Supply Chain Management

2 credit hours

The course will focus on the concepts that enable coordination of the end-to-end relationships between supply chain members from raw material inputs through conversion to delivery of product/services to end customers with a goal of developing a sound understanding of the impact of seamlessly managing flows of products, services, information and financial elements across the supply chain to provide optimal value to customers. Emphasis is on the skills needed to integrate end-to-end supply chain activities through improved processes and relationships as well as innovation in new products and services to achieve and maintain competitive advantage with customers.

  • C or higher in all the tracking courses – ACCT 200 or ACCT 203; ECON 211*; ECON 213*; CMST 210* or CMST 240*; ENGL 255* or ENGL 295*; MGT 202; MATH 123*-MATH 125* or MATH 141*-MATH 142*; and STAT 201* (or honors equivalents).
  • Majors in the Haslam College of Business.