University of Tennessee

BUAD 332 – CBM I: Demand Management

2 credit hours

Analysis of current and future markets opportunities. Translation of identified opportunities into strategies to select, acquire, and retain customers that are consistent with overall organizational objectives. Includes design, execution, and evaluation of strategies from the perspective of an organization within a channel of distribution context.

  • C or higher in all the tracking courses – ACCT 200 or ACCT 203; ECON 211*; ECON 213*; CMST 210* or CMST 240*; ENGL 255* or ENGL 295*; MGT 202; MATH 123*-MATH 125* or MATH 141*-MATH 142*; and STAT 201* (or honors equivalents).
  • Majors in the Haslam College of Business.