Student Networking Events

Business analytics forum members receive priority registration for Haslam College of Business recruiting events involving business analytics students and have several unique opportunities to meet our students and see their work in action.

Career Fair

The peak recruiting season for our graduate students is September through December. Each fall in either September or October the Haslam College of Business holds a career fair where recruiters can interact with our Master of Science in Business Analytics students and MBAs with a focus on business analytics. Visit the Haslam recruiting page for the latest dates and information.

Forum members receive updates regarding the career fair, priority registration and additional opportunities to network with students before or after the career fair when it coincides with the forum meeting. Note: in order to participate, employers must be actively seeking to fill either an internship or full-time position.

Exclusive Forum Networking Event

At each forum meeting, members have the exclusive opportunity to attend student networking event. Our business analytics students will have the opportunity to meet with all employers and a 1/2 day of interviews can be scheduled the following day on campus.

This allows our forum members to get a first look at our incoming MSBA students who are seeking internships and have the chance to talk with our 2nd year students who will be graduating in December and looking for full-time employment.


The hack-a-thon allows employers to interact with students as they use their analytics expertise. Students are given a problem, a data set and two hours to analyze the data, address the issue and create a short presentation. Companies in attendance can watch the students work, listen in on their deliberations and note students to follow up with for an interview or to discuss their ideas further.

Speak to a Club

Inspire the next generation of business leaders by speaking to one of our student organizations. You can discuss a particular area of expertise or give general tips for success in your organization and beyond.

Speak in a Class

Join us at the Haslam College of Business for a day to share with our students and faculty how your company uses analytics to drive better business decisions. By sharing your time, you will be building a collaborative relationship between your company and the university, giving you the opportunity for earlier access to pivotal research and graduates with great skill-sets.

Sponsor and Attend our Welcome Back Event

Help us welcome our new class of MSBA students and welcome back our returning 2nd years from their internships by sponsoring our annual Welcome Back event. Bring your colleagues and be the first company to meet all of our new students while celebrating the start of class.

For more information, email Julie Ferrara.