Scholarship & Application Information

Additional details about the scholarship:

  • Participants will be signed up for 3 units of BAS 494R each semester (up to 3 units can be used to satisfy BAS major/concentration/collateral requirements).
  • Scholars will receive an award of $3400 for the year ($1700 disbursed at the end of Fall semester, the remainder at the end of Spring semester).
  • Participants will meet with your matched faculty member weekly to ensure adequate and steady progress on the research is maintained.
  • Scholars are expected participate in at least one of the following (see links contained in for more details)

Application procedure:

To be considered for the 2022-2023 academic year Melton Scholarship, please submit the following to Adam Petrie no later than April 17:

  • Resume and unofficial college transcripts (which can be freely downloaded from myUTK)
  • Statement of Interest – tell us why you want to be a Melton Scholar and what you hope to get out of the program!  What about analytics excites you?  Have you applied analytics methodology on your own “for fun”?  In your statement of interest, address how you envision your participation in the program will be related to your plans after graduation (graduate school, job, location, etc.).
  • List of Interests and Skills – Since we want to pair students and faculty members with common interests, please outline what broad topics (supply chain, forecasting, customer segmentation, text mining, heathcare, etc.) appeal to you.  Also let us know what analytics techniques (e.g., regression, visualization, predictive analytics, market-basket analysis, clustering, time-series, web scrapting, etc.) are your favorites, if you have any so far.  Finally, address your software and/or programming proficiencies (Excel, R, Python, JMP, NCSS, etc).
  • Write-up to the Airline Delay Mini-Case

Evaluation and Acceptance:

  • Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview with a potential faculty mentor in the weeks following the application deadline.
  • Offers will be made and formal acceptances must be completed before the Spring semester has concluded.