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Summer Program in Cloud Computing Skills

This summer, the Tennessee Digital Jobs Factory (TDJF) will offer two tracks in its cloud computing skills development program for students interested in improving their job opportunities. Both tracks will begin on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, and are open to UT students, recent graduates, faculty and staff. The summer skills program will be administered by the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics in the Haslam College of Business.  

The programs include:

  • Technical track (10 weeks, approximately 10 hours per week)

    • For students who have programming experience

    • Prepares students to build and deploy machine learning models in the cloud; a stretch goal is passage of one or more of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) exams

    • June 3 - August 5, 2020

    • Weekly sync:  6-8 p.m. every Wednesday 

  • Managerial track (5 weeks, 2-5 hours per week)

    • For students from non-technical majors

    • Prepares students for the AWS Cloud Practitioners exam 

    • June 3 - July 1, 2020

    • Weekly sync:  5-6 p.m. every Wednesday

If there is sufficient interest at the end of the technical track, an optional one-week experience will be offered in which students from each track will team up to create a product and a plan for a new business.  

Students also will be provided access to content to prepare them for certification exams from additional cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The goal is for each student to earn at least one cloud certification. The content will be available asynchronously online. There will be a weekly sync session for each of the tracks as noted above that will cover questions and technical walk-throughs.

Noah Gift, founder of Pragmatic AI Labs, prolific author and expert in cloud computing will deliver the course.  

Interns may want to discuss the possible integration of this experience and their internship project with their employers.


Amy Satkowiak



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