Current Activities 

The Construction Industry Research and Policy Center staff is continually engaged in studying the effects of policy changes to the construction industry from econometric and safety aspects. We create training and safety models and study topics such as the impact of OSHA 10-hour training, trends in construction electrocutions and the nature and prevention of residential roof falls.

CIRPC’s analytical services include sampling design, selection, statistical analysis, interpretation, data visualization and report preparation. CIRPC has experience mining large and complex data files to meet our clients’ objectives. We can analyze and summarize survey information and have worked with OSHA to create their annual and quarterly reports.

We seek partners who can support us in translating our research into practice and providing data to contribute to our ongoing safety studies and activities. Our specialty is working with local and national agencies. See our previous partnerships for examples of our capabilities.

Current Activities

  • Examining the relationship between injury and fatalities by state
  • Developing training materials (such as modules and apps) for fall prevention and other construction hazards
  • Special interest topics precipitated by OSHA requests or research goals of agencies both local and nationwide such as NIOSH, DOL, CPWR and TOSHA
  • Analysis of fatal events in construction

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