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Andrew Currey

Supply Chain Management


Warehouse Logistics Intern

I had the incredible opportunity of interning for PepsiCo the summer after my junior year. I was a supply chain intern supporting the warehouse logistics integration function. I would not have been able to secure this internship without the help of the Haslam College of Business. The incredible reputation and caliber of the supply chain program and curriculum at UT are extremely attractive to prospective employers.

In addition, the job fairs and career services department at UT were instrumental in helping me to foster the right connections at PepsiCo. As part of my job responsibilities, I was assigned a project to work on for the 10-week duration of my internship. My project focused on case weight reconciliation and synchronization issues across multiple systems. I was able to travel to various warehouses across the country in order to weigh full pallets of product and gain a better understanding of front-line operations within the business.

PepsiCo did a fantastic job of developing a sense of community within the intern class. They brought all the supply chain interns from across the country together for an onboarding and training experience at the beginning of the summer. At the end of the summer, all the interns flew to the PepsiCo headquarters in New York to present about our projects to senior executives in the company. After our final presentations, some interns were selected to receive offers of full time employment for after graduation. I received an offer, and I was fortunate enough to secure a job at a great company before even starting my final year of undergrad!