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Dana Parks

Accounting & Information Management


Assurance Intern

I was lucky enough to get to do not only one but two internships at EY in Atlanta earlier this year. My internships at EY were amazing experiences for me. I started as an assurance intern and was able to work on several large, industry-leading companies in the Atlanta area. It was great to finally get the opportunity to apply my accounting knowledge and experience the world of public accounting.

After my first internship, I expressed that I was more interested in forensic accounting than auditing, and EY was gracious enough to help me explore this service line. I returned to Atlanta for a second internship with EY Fraud, Investigation and Disputes Services (FIDS), which perfectly fit my interests in accounting and criminal justice. I am very thankful to EY for such a wonderful experience and the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people. I made some lifelong friends during my internships, and I grew so much as both a person and a professional. Everyone at EY encouraged me to learn and grow and made sure I was having a great time doing it even through the long work hours. They made sure I found career a that worked for me, and I truly feel that I have found my dream job!