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Kenan Smith


EEO/HR Compliance Intern

Working with a small specialist HR team at the corporate office, I assisted with HR compliance strategies that spanned across the entire business and affected GP's 50,000 employees. During my internship, I examined and interpreted laws, regulations and policies as part of EEO and HR compliance programs and projects.

I also got the unique opportunity to participate in internal investigations and assist in managing any inquiries from the EEOC. The entire team made it a priority to develop me as a professional, and I had consistent one-on-ones to not only discuss my projects, but also to study the market based management philosophy that drives the company culture. Throughout my short time at GP, I was able to work on multiple projects that helped refine skills that I have learned as a student of the Haslam College of Business and a member of the Global Leadership Scholars honors program. My experience was so rewarding that I have agreed to start my career with GP as a human resources associate in the consumer products business upon graduation in May.