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Sarah Bishop

Supply Chain Management

Procter & Gamble

Supply Network Operations Intern

My internship with Procter & Gamble was full of learning experiences. I was working in the fabric care category, which encompasses Tide, Downy, Gain and other big brand name products. My job as an intern was made up of four projects, all related to inventory. One project was to develop a tool to identify overage inventory before it reaches the point that it must be scrapped or sold on secondary markets.

I did this by creating an Excel tool that extracted warehouse inventory data, then developed a macro to easily calculate overage inventory in advance. Without my knowledge of supply chain management and Excel through the Haslam College of Business, I would not have been able to effectively complete this project. P&G gives their interns an opportunity to make an impact on the business, and I was able to successfully do so because of what I learned through classes at UT.