Community Outreach

Education College Access Program (ECAP)

We are a sponsor of Early College Awareness Program (ECAP), a partnership with Project Grad Knoxville, Multicultural Student Life, and the UTK Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The purpose of this program is to expose elementary school students and their parents to college. Undergraduate business students host workshops for the student and a question-and-answer session for the parents.

Project Grad Knoxville

T.E.N.S.E. Summit – Teaching to Eliminate Negative Stereotypes through Education

The Haslam College of Business, the UTK Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion supports the T.E.N.S.E Summit. The T.E.N.S.E. Summit is geared toward youth and young adults between the ages of 12-17 and 18-32 who are committed to making positive changes in themselves and their community through education, music, and style. The summit features breakout sessions addressing these areas.

TENSE Summit

Knoxville Area Urban League (KAUL) Partnership

The Haslam College of Business has partnered with the Knoxville Area Urban League’s “National Achievers” program that targets high school students demonstrating academic strength.

As a part of this initiative, students are brought to the UT campus for career workshops, exposing them to the different majors and career opportunities that can be pursued at UT. The first event was fall 2006, and future events are planned that also will draw from Urban League programs in Chattanooga, Nashville and Memphis.


Teen Summit and Black Issues Conference

In partnership with the Knoxville Area Urban League, our office is a sponsor of the Teen Summit and Black Issues Conference. The Teen Summit event is held in conjunction with the Black Issues Conference which immerses young people in a college setting to a unique educational and development experience, focused on important skills for success in college, work and life. While youth participants learn to navigate the college experience, adults participating in the Black Issues Conference are provided with structured professional development and skill building workshops.

School Partnerships

  • Austin East HS – Knoxville – Business and Finance
  • Memphis Business Academy – Memphis – Business Management
  • Whitehaven HS – Memphis – Banking and Finance
  • Antioch HS – Nashville – Accounting
  • Antioch HS – Nashville – Banking and Finance
  • Antioch HS – Nashville – Entrepreneurship
  • Antioch HS – Nashville – Healthcare Business
  • Cane Ridge HS – Nashville – Healthcare Business
  • Glencliff HS – Nashville – Entrepreneurship
  • Hillsboro HS – Nashville – Global Marketing & Logistics
  • Hillwood HS – Nashville – Business Leadership
  • Hunter’s Lane HS – Nashville – Business Management
  • Hunter’s Lane HS – Nashville – Entrepreneurship
  • Hunter’s Lane HS – Nashville – Marketing Communication
  • Maplewood HS – Nashville – Entrepreneurship
  • McGavock HS – Nashville – Banking and Finance
  • McGavock HS – Nashville – Entrepreneurship
  • Overton HS – Nashville – Event Marketing
  • Pear-Cohn HS – Nashville – Sports and Entertainment Management
  • MNPS Virtual School– Nashville – Business Management
  • MNPS Virtual School – Nashville – Marketing Communication
  • Whites Creek HS – Nashville – Entrepreneurship