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Sourcing: Certified Deal Architect

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Individuals who want to become an expert in the field of crafting Vested agreements can choose to become a Vested Certified Deal Architect. The Certified Deal Architect Program is ideal for individuals responsible for more than one deal, or consultants and lawyers who assist companies with their deals.

Certified Deal Architects must complete all three of the University of Tennessee’s Vested courses, including:

Participants are required to demonstrate their Vested competency by submitting a project that shows they can effectively apply their skills to create a Vested agreement. A key part of the Certified Deal Architect program is a hands-on review and coaching from a University of Tennessee Vested program faculty member, who will work with participants to review their projects and guide them during implementation.

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Duration & Dates

Certified Deal Architects must complete all three of the Vested courses, including: ♣ Vested Outsourcing – 3-Day Open Enrollment Course ♣ Creating a Vested Agreement – Online Course ♣ Collaborative Contracting – 2-Day Open Enrollment Course Each of the

Dates are flexible.

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This course is offered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, or a location of your choice.



To be certified, all three courses (Vested Outsourcing, Creating a Vested Agreement, and Collaborative Contracting) must be completed, as well as the validation. The certification fee includes the validation component, but not the other three required courses.