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Module 5 - The Efficient Manager

Course Description

Emerging Leaders Module 5

Time is the enemy of nearly every leader and manager.  They spend their time searching for situational awareness by reading and replying to countless emails, looking up documents, trying to get information, attending meeting after meeting, and getting involved in the minutiae of the business.  The days never seem long enough to get everything done yet alone having the time to actually think.  Rather than spending their time leading, many managers spend their days reacting, putting out fires, and starting and stopping activities endlessly.

The Efficient Manager module focuses on eliminating waste in business processes and spending time on activities that add value to the business.  By implementing the tools taught during this module, you will free up time for yourself to lead more and manage less.  Lean has been used in manufacturing for many years and this program uses those same principles and applies them to business processes.   The tools taught will help to greatly reduce rework, time spent tracking and reporting, and they will help with organizational focus.

Key Objectives

Participants in The Efficient Manager will learn to work within their circle of influence to:

  • Shift time from management to leadership
    • tactical to strategic
    • reactive to proactive
    • micromanagement to delegation
  • Make situational awareness and strategy routine
  • Limit and manage emails
  • Develop the proper battle rhythms for key processes

Expand their circle of influence and get results

Available Industries: Leadership

Duration & Dates

2 Days


    Lea Anne Law, Director
    +1 (865) 974-1622

    Becky Powell, Program Coordinator


    This course is offered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


    William Peterson

    Bill Peterson is a Lean best practices teacher and facilitator who draws on over 30 years of hands-on experience using Lean, TOC, Six Sigma, BPR, and other continuous improvement tools to ...


    Individual two-day modules cost $1,600.