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Module 6 - Leading for Results

Course Description

Emerging Leaders Module 6

Results don’t happen by accident and achieving great results are essential in growing your business.  It starts with the leaders’ attitudes and behaviors.  Leaders’ actions and behaviors set the tone for the organization.  Culture or “the way we do business” also impacts results in positive or negative ways.  A positive encouraging culture leads to innovations that are not possible in a business-as-usual environment.  Finally, the front line people and the processes they use to do their jobs lead to the bottom-line success of the business – they generate the results.  This framework forms the basis for the last module of the Emerging Leaders Program.

Leading for Results presents a unique look at executing in the face of the day-to-day chaos, leading change, establishing the proper mindset, as well as having participants step back and look themselves in the mirror as a leader.  Keeping sight of the big picture during the hectic workday is a challenge.  Leading for Results shows you how to achieve your goals while improving as a leader.  It also covers the nine elements required for leading successful efforts.  The program concludes with the participants reflecting on their own leadership influences and values by examining themselves in an open and honest manner.

Key Objectives

  • Effective goal setting and execution within the whirlwind of the job
  • The nine elements for successful change
  • Keep the big picture in mind
  • Position yourself to do the right things and handle the tough conversations
  • Personal values discussion
  • Personal leadership reflections

Available Industries: Leadership

Duration & Dates

2 Days


    Lea Anne Law, Director
    +1 (865) 974-1622

    Becky Powell, Program Coordinator


    This course is offered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


    Michael McIntyre

    Michael McIntyre is the Director of the EMBA for Strategic Leadership and former director of the Professional MBA Program at The University of Tennessee. His corporate training and management consulting ...


    Individual two-day modules cost $1,600.