Glenda Hurst has been a fixture in the College for decades – starting in Undergraduate Advising and transitioning to her current position in the Management Department where she handles the administration for Organizations & Strategy (O&S) doctoral students. She affectionately refers to the O&S students as “my kids.” Glenda has a “heart for students” reflected in her commitment to make their transition to the program and their time in the program as smooth as possible.

Glenda is known throughout the university not only due to her time spent at UTK but also due to her service at the university. Glenda is one of many of her family members who have served the university – from her mother-in-law who worked in computing in the Stokely Management Center to Andy her husband who spent over 39 years at the McClung Museum. As well, her granddaughter is a senior in the Haslam College of Business. You could say that orange runs deep in her family! Glenda also has been highly involved in the UT community. For instance, Glenda has served on the University Employee Relations Committee representing part time employees for many years.

Finally, Glenda’s upbeat demeanor and willingness to help students, the department and beyond have been recognized formally with several awards, including:

  • Chancellor’s Commission on Women (April 2005) reflecting her commitment to service to the UT community;

  • A two-time recipient of the College of Business staff award in 2003 and 2012; and

  • The Most Courteous recognition in 2004.

When Glenda is not camping with her grandchildren, you can find her involved in Christian outreach on the campus and in the Knoxville community.