Jennifer is a survivor. Although she is the youngest member of our staff, she has endured more than many will experience in their lifetimes. Those challenges simply amplified her mischievous love of life. If you walk into our office, she’ll be the first to introduce herself and greet you. If you hear laughter in our halls, you can be certain that Jennifer is there. If a camera flashes, Jennifer is either behind the lens or posing in front of it. She is an extrovert who is involved in everything and with everyone. In a crisis, she is the level-headed one who begins working toward a solution as soon as the problem arises. This is a great trait that carries beyond office time into everything else. It’s especially helpful when she’s doing her favorite thing: being a “mommy.” Photos of her 2.5 year old daughter and her family adorn her workspace and her desktop. If you have a moment to spare, ask her what’s going on at home. Every day she has a crazy, new story to share. Like the reality television she loves, Jennifer finds the drama, joy and challenge in whatever she does. That zeal for life makes her an integral part of the Marketing and Logistics team.