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Tom Van Dorselaer is the Executive Director of the Professional Sales Forum. In addition, he teaches professional selling and corporate social responsibility courses in the business school. Previously, Mr. Van Dorselaer was an Associate Director of the Global Supply Chain Institute.

Mr. Van Dorselaer is a retired Procter & Gamble executive with 30 years service in a broad range of roles including Sales Management, Marketing, Finance and Logistics/Supply Chain. He spent the last 10 years with P&G in global roles with world-wide responsibility in Family Care and Beauty Care businesses successfully managing global and diverse sales and marketing teams located in both developed and developing markets across the globe. Prior to P&G, Mr. Van Dorselaer spent 3 years in sales with IBM.

Key priorities of Mr. Van Dorselaer’s global work included:

-Initiative and portfolio success (upstream initiative design), Shopper-based design (winning in store vs. competition)
-Creating strategic selling platforms (conceptual sales, strategy letters)
-Developing the global sales organization (recruitment & training)
-Building strong partnerships with global customers (Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour, Metro, Boots, Dairy Farm, A.S. Watson’s, Target, Costco, Amazon) and high frequency stores in developing markets.

Mr. Van Dorselaer has consulted and provided sales training for many organizations in a broad sector of industries including consumer packaged goods, logistics/shipping, and global risk management.

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