Updates and Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Haslam Graduate Business Programs Admissions Updates


As a global community, we are facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As you look ahead to your next academic and professional steps, you may have questions about how COVID-19 affects the admissions process at the Haslam College of Business.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is committed to both the health and well-being of faculty, staff and students. We have started accepting applications for fall 2021; you can apply for one of our graduate business programs online.

To quote UT Chancellor Donde Plowman, “What we do in the coming weeks and months will define us forever. This is an opportunity to show what it truly means to be a Volunteer—to make sacrifices for the greater good, to shadow ourselves and give light to others.”


At the Haslam College of Business, you can always rely on the Graduate Business Programs admissions team for appropriate guidance and resources.  Please contact us with any questions you might have:

Tom Bates (tbates6@utk.edu)  

Director of Admissions

Ashley Sams (asams6@utk.edu)

Assistant Director of Admissions - Full-Time MBA and MS SCM Tri-Continent

Courtney Shaffer (courtney@utk.edu)

Assistant Director of Admissions – Master of Accountancy, MS Business Analytics, and MS Management and Human Resources


Below, please find key updates for Haslam Graduate Business Programs students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standardized Testing  

The Haslam College of Business is waiving the GMAT/GRE exam on a case by case basis across all programs – Full-time MBA, MSBA, MAcc, MS Supply Chain Management Tri-Continent and Management and Human Resources.

Please contact Ashley Sams at asams6@vols.utk.edu if you are inquiring about the Full-time MBA or MS Supply Chain Management Tri-Continent.

Please contact Courtney Shaffer at courtney@utk.edu if you are inquiring about the MAcc, MSBA or MS Management and Human Resources program.

Please also note that the GRE exam and the GMAT exam can now be completed online at home. We are committed to helping you every step of the way during the application process and look forward to welcoming you to the incoming cohort. We look forward to receiving your application for fall 2021.

Credit/No Credit Grading

Some applicants have asked how credit/no credit (C/NC) and similar grading options for Spring 2020 will be considered. We will continue to make admissions decisions holistically, taking many aspects of an application into account. We understand the significant disruption of COVID-19 when evaluating students’ transcripts and other admissions materials from Spring 2020. We will not penalize students for the adoption of C/NC and other grading options during this unprecedented period, whether the choices were made by institutions or by individual students. This is consistent with our admissions process each year, in which we review many facets of submitted academic and application materials to select qualified applicants for our programs.

Admissions Interview

No in-person admission interviews are being offered at this time. Applicant interviews will be conducted via Zoom moving forward.

2020-2021 Key Admissions Dates

October 1, 2020: Priority Admissions Review Date

November 15, 2020: First Round Review Date

January 15, 2021: Second Round Review Date

February 1, 2021: Final Review Date for International Students

March 15, 2021: Third Round Review Date

April 1, 2021: Fourth Round Review Date (based on space availability)

June 15, 2021: Final Review Date

Events and Campus Visits

Live events: All on-campus and off-campus events are canceled until further notice. The COVID-19 Information & Support web page provides university-level updates on responses to the coronavirus. We will provide updates to prospective applicants and students as our office receives them.

Virtual events: The admissions team plans to organize a series of webinars for prospective applicants and incoming fall 2021 students. Please check the events calendar for more information in the coming weeks.

Contact a current student

To learn more about the Haslam master’s program experience, please contact one of the following students:

Max McGehee, Full-time MBA

Price McGinnis, MS Business Analytics

Chase Davison, MS Supply Chain Management Tri-Continent

Nathan Yeo, MAcc

Robert Ruiz, MS Management and Human Resources


We encourage you to continue practicing social distancing and avoiding large gatherings to stop the spread of the coronavirus. These updates may not be ideal, but please know our team is dedicated to ensuring all virtual alternatives presented are informative and interactive. Our goal continues to be connecting you with members of the UT and Haslam community as well as providing you with the opportunities to engage and get excited about joining one of our programs this fall. As we receive updates, we will share those with you. Be safe, and we look forward to communicating with you soon.