Career Management

Earning an MBA is not enough. Landing the job or promotion of your dreams takes a strategic approach, targeted networking and the support of people who are invested in your success. Our team works individually with students on their goals, during the program and long past graduation, and helps each student become their own through a step-by-step framework and career development module.

The Haslam Full-Time MBA also provides ample exposure to job opportunities including:

  • On-campus interviews
  • Career fairs
  • Networking events and faculty connections
  • Mock interviews
  • Individual career counseling
  • Haslam MBA alumni network

Job Search Resources

Haslam Full-Time MBA students have access to multiple online job search resources that help them find open positions, research companies, make connections and ask advice.

Hire-A-VOL The University of Tennessee’s official career website, where most recruiters post job openings and internships.

Career Shift A job-hunting web service providing integrated employment research tools including job listings, company information and contacts.

VAULT A job-search preparation tool providing access to employer profiles and rankings, industry blogs and news stories, message boards and job board matching.

Employment Outcomes

Haslam MBA students have full access to our Career Management & Recruiting team to partner with as they pursue their career goals. Our alumni have a track record of success in placement and salary negotiation.

MBA Career Outcomes  Meet Our Team