New Demands Require New Ways of Thinking

The demands on our healthcare system have changed dramatically and quickly. Our systems were built to conquer infection and trauma and provide acute care. They were structured on cross-subsidies from profitable services and populations to fund other needs. They were created with limited incentives for cost-control.

Now we are asking the healthcare system to do so much more. We are calling for a system that supports wellness, cares for people living with chronic health needs, delivers affordable care to everyone in need and does it all within our finite financial resources.

We help leaders build the strategy, finance, technology, operations and leadership skills it takes to lead the way into this future. You see the symptoms of this change in your work every day: insurance reform, value-based payment models, integrated care networks, healthcare consumerism, health system consolidation and more. At Haslam, we work with leaders and organizations to see past the symptoms to understand and tackle the underlying challenges and opportunities.

“The greatest asset to success is investing in yourself and being equipped to handle adversity. Led by innovative faculty who possess global experience, this program provides life-changing value to ensure you have the skills needed to maximize your leadership potential.”

Rick Smith (EMBA-HL, ’16) – Vice President, Operations: East Region – Pathways