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Your support of our journey makes a great impact. Investing in the state’s flagship campus increases the quality and value of our education, expands our contribution to economic growth and development, and brings Big Ideas to life for the benefit of all Tennesseans.

Case for Support

The University of Tennessee’s journey is one with an ambitious goal—to join the ranks of the nation’s preeminent public research universities. Since embarking in 2012, we have made great strides in improving our students’ experiences while making new discoveries and engaging with our local and global communities.

We, the Haslam College of Business, are a community that serves the citizens and businesses of Tennessee and beyond. We support learning through the creation and sharing of knowledge. We succeed when our work, and that of our students and partners, generates nationally and internationally recognized outcomes that improve the world.

In order to be numbered among nationally recognized, top-notch business schools, we must attract and retain a nationally recognized faculty and be a destination for high-quality students from across the globe. Nationally recognized faculty, top-quality academic programs, global co-curricular opportunities, and first-rate career management services attract the highest quality students.

Our goal is to grow a nationally regarded faculty through a more stimulating, supportive, intellectual environment, to offer enhanced graduate and undergraduate fellowships and scholarships, to increase the scope of educational opportunities, to create additional Centers of Excellence, and to expand our reach and effectiveness through technology-enabled learning communities.

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Our Priorities

To attract and retain outstanding faculty who will proudly represent our campus, embrace our vision, and exemplify our values, funds are needed for
  • Additional Faculty Hires
  • Endowed Chairs and Professorships
  • Research and Teaching Innovation Grants
Graduate education in business disciplines is extremely competitive, and often the best students choose programs that provide significant monetary support as well as access to highly recognized faculty. The Haslam College of Business anticipates further growth in graduate programs. Private support will be a critical factor in attracting the desired quality and quantity of Masters and PhD students.

Global Leadership Scholars (GLS)

The GLS program provides talented and motivated undergraduate students with a challenging and rewarding business curriculum, exposure to the international business community, and training in leadership communication, strategy, and application. Students are provided financial support for three years, including a study abroad stipend. GLS students take honors courses in the pre-business core and business core, as well as leadership training seminars in their second, third, and fourth years.

Tennessee Pledge and Tennessee Promise

We strive to retain and graduate well-educated students who are prepared to embody the Volunteer spirit as lifelong learners and ethical and professional leaders in the global community. The Tennessee Pledge and Promise Scholarships make accessibility to an education at Tennessee’s flagship land-grant university a reality. Qualifying students from low-income neighborhoods are eligible for Promise scholarships. Admitted students from families with incomes of less than $40,000 are eligible for Pledge scholarships. Many of these scholarship recipients are first-generation college students.

Centers for Excellence

The Haslam College of Business Centers for Excellence connect students with mentors and guest speakers, creating a bridge to those in the industry. Students and faculty come together from different disciplines to share knowledge, creating a competitive edge. Increased funding will enhance the availability and effectiveness of these important resources.

College Fund for the Haslam College of Business

The College Fund consists of unrestricted gifts that are directed toward the greatest area of current need. For example, this flexible funding allows the college to explore and launch new initiatives, expand alumni engagement, and implement marketing and communications strategies to build the college’s brand. This fund provides seed capital to do more for years to come.

Technology-Enabled Education

Technology breaks down barriers of time and space, utilizes multimedia, allows for the building of virtual communities of learning, and promotes bottom-up knowledge development. The college utilizes technology to enhance the educational experience for students, leveraging the real benefits that technology offers (mobility, time, space, community, and multimedia).

Jessica Paige Howard journey

Jessica Paige Howard

"Private support has impacted me by keeping me motivated. I know there are people on campus and alumni who care about my success, my professional development, my goals and my aspirations."

ben dale journey

Ben Dale

“Without private support, my education wouldn’t have been possible. I’ve had a lot of opportunities at through Haslam thanks to private donors: studying abroad, interning abroad and being a Global Leadership Scholar.”

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