University of Tennessee



The Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership is first and foremost a Master of Business Administration. The program teaches professionals to become business leaders by developing skills in accounting, finance, marketing, and leadership through applied methodology, not abstract problem sets. What makes this EMBA unique is a focus on integrated strategy and immediate application.

There are no electives or industry-specific courses. Instead, we use a holistic, integrated approach around major business themes, each reflecting the dynamic environment that faces global business leaders. This integrated curriculum structure guides students to think strategically and prepares them for a transition to executive leadership.

Core Themes

  • Business Strategy: bringing value to an organization through data-driven decision making with an emphasis on accounting, finance, human capital, operations, microeconomics and market data.
  • Integrative Leadership: high-impact communication, transformational leadership, executive presence, negotiation techniques, conflict management and organizational change
  • Global Business Perspective: International residence period, first-hand experience with political, economic, legal and cultural systems while focusing on macroeconomics and global strategy, expansion into foreign markets, foreign investments, trade policy, tax, acquisition due diligence, governmental/environmental compliance and ethical responsibilities.
  • Transformational Capabilities: organizational design and change management, incentive and reward systems, business ethics and sustainability, change in organizational culture and talent management, and cross-cultural leadership.
  • Linking Individual Performance to Organizational Success: integrated business planning, risk management, achieving competitive advantage in the business unit and extending it across other units