University of Tennessee

Employer Sponsorship

Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership students must partner with their employers to succeed in the program. In addition to time off, students will need access to key resources at work including:

  • Critical organizational processes
  • Customers for interviews
  • Financial statements
  • Human resource metrics
  • Management oversight and review of main thesis project

Faculty members sign non-disclosure agreements when necessary.

Many employers fully fund Haslam’s EMBA students. The list of corporate sponsors is long and varied.

Return on Investment

Our EMBA graduates report an average of $6.5 million in return to their organizations through the course of the program. The majority of this comes from the thesis-like Organizational Action Project, in which students examine a key area of interest at their company and build a plan to address it. These projects include product launches, succession plans, breaking into new markets, and many other core initiatives.

Example Projects

Haslam’s EMBA centers around applied learning tied back to your workplace. It develops internal talent and often allows companies to bypass large consulting fees. 

Talent Retention

Sponsoring students in the Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership is a leadership development and talent retention tool for employers. Throughout the program’s duration, the majority of graduates continue working for their supporting employer.

Global Network of Experts

Haslam’s Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership ensures that graduates build a network of 20-30 colleagues who face similar challenges accross industries.

The Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership’s faculty members are  published researchers and experienced practitioners with many years of employment and consulting experiencce across numerous industries.

Minimal Disruption

Haslam’s Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership takes employees out of the office for only five weeks. Participants earn their degree in a single year.

Students do not follow the traditional approach of learning in a classroom then practicing on paper at home then finding ways to apply their learning after graduation. Our students discuss best practices and strategies in the context of their organization and analyze their own business as part of their assignments.


The Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership staff is available to discuss the program with candidates’ employers. We participate in conference calls, video conferencing and even site visits when feasible.

We also have a number of documents to help facilitate the employer-employee conversation regarding financial support. Additionally, we are happy to connect prospective students with alumni of Haslam’s EMBA program to serve as a reference.