Tyler Young

Impact and Intentionality

Tyler Young wants to give younger students the same support and encouragement he received as a freshman at the Haslam College of Business. “I had a really impactful peer mentor my first year,” Young says. “I’ve had other great mentors as well, and their collective influence has shaped my college career.”

Young’s mentors pushed him to get involved with many organizations and opportunities, making the most of his college experience. “That kind of encouragement is something I wanted to give back to others.”

A senior studying supply chain management and business analytics, Young has spent the last three years volunteering as a peer mentor for first-year students, focusing on helping them make a successful transition. He’s also mentored high school juniors and seniors through the Haslam Network program and represented the college as a Haslam Ambassador. “I still stay in touch with a lot of the students I’ve mentored,” he says. “It’s rewarding to watch them succeed.”

In addition, Young volunteered at Emmett Elementary School in Bristol, Tennessee, teaching business principles to fifth graders. “I had no idea what to expect the first year I went, but the kids were incredibly enthusiastic and eager to connect with us,” he says. “That experience showed me the impact that one small act of service can have.”

In summer 2020, Young worked with Dell Technologies in Austin, Texas, as a supply chain intern. “While I was there, I realized that this field is definitely the right fit for me,” he says. “It was cool to be at a large company at an interesting time in history, when they had to meet the needs of many customers while facing supply chain challenges from the pandemic.”

After graduating this spring, Young will return to Austin to work in Dell Technologies’ supply chain development program. He’s excited to get involved in a new community, where he’s determined to carry on his role of serving others. “The impact you have on others just comes from being intentional,” he says. “As I get involved in a new community, I want to continue mentoring as well as working with homeless populations.”

In recognition of his extensive service, Young was named one of UT’s 2021 Torchbearers, the university’s highest undergraduate honor.”

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