Young Alumni Mentor Undergraduates Through Haslam Network

THE HASLAM NETWORK, a mentorship program, began as a way to connect first-year students with juniors for a two-year mentor relationship. The juniors help first-year students navigate their transition to college and offer insights into classes and majors during the second year, when sophomores are making important academic choices. “A former student initiated the program about four years ago,” Mark Willoughby, director of student engagement at the Haslam College of Business, says. “Another student, a graduating senior in business analytics, has helped us refine the process. He wrote a pairing algorithm that we now use to match first-year students with mentors.” 

The college added another layer to the program by getting alumni involved. The Haslam Young Alumni Board seeks to engage Haslam’s young alumni community, foster a culture of giving, and support the college’s goal of excellence in education. Members are matched with first-year students and juniors in long-distance mentor relationships. When the board meets twice a year on campus, Haslam Network coordinators bring mentors and mentees together for a fun activity. “It allows them to network and interact in person,” says Willoughby. “The program is a great way to keep alumni involved in the life of the college and encourage them to give back in a meaningful way.” 

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