Unraveling Tornados

Baron Critical Weather Intelligence
ON NOVEMBER 15, 1989, a severe thunderstorm intensified near Huntsville, Alabama. Local television meteorologist Bob Baron (HCB, ’68) tracked and reported the storm to the best of his abilities. The system produced a deadly F-4 tornado, and Baron was chilled to learn of its devastation, including the loss of 23 people. “Nobody at the weather service or in the broadcast community was able to identify the tornado before it came through a major portion of the city,” Baron recalls. “The loss of life had a profound impact on me. I felt like I’d failed in my responsibilities.”

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Michel Ballings
Social Media and Machine Learning Uncover a Wealth of New Customers
FACEBOOK CONTAINS MORE THAN 65 MILLION company pages that actively engage one billion users. For organizations selling goods and services from business to business, that’s a potential gold mine of customer prospects. Sifting through the vast expanse of possibilities has largely thwarted B2B companies though, as most use social media to qualify prospects based on intuition and a limited set of characteristics. Identifying and quantifying leads this way takes up valuable time that effective sales professionals could better use to convert leads. Read article
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