Grant Williams

Power Moves From UT's Power Forward
Grant Williams - Summer 2019Grant Williams - Summer 2019 image Tennessee Volunteer Grant Williams (HCB, ’19) is well known as a man of stature on and off the basketball court, but he’s also a man of character.Friends and family describe him as humble, smart, persevering, and always willing to lend a listening ear.

Matthew Horton

For the Love of the Game
Baseball Game Graphic - Summer 2019Baseball Game Graphic - Summer 2019 image Horton has spent the past 12 years playing a numbers game on the business side of Major League Baseball. Now senior director of data science at MLB, he leads projects that look closely at fan behavior and decision-making and use that data to present fans with media and products that fit their interests.

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Celebrity CEO Behavior
A Boon and a Curse for Companies
CELEBRITY CEOS SUCH AS TELSA co-founder Elon Musk owe their celebrity to four media narratives that can benefit their companies but also trap them if business conditions change. Those narratives—creator, transformer, rebel or savior—are tropes through which the media elevates CEOs to fame. Read article
Celebrity CEO Artwork - Summer 2019