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Dave and Penny Carver
Dave and Penny Carver - Winter 2019Dave and Penny Carver - Winter 2019 image After a successful 28-year career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing operations, Dave Carver (HCB, ’83) was at the top of his game when a moment came that changed his life forever. While attending a concert with his wife, Penny, Dave began to feel unwell. He lost consciousness and fell on his head, sustaining a spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic.

Excellence in Analytics

UPS George D. Smith Prize Winners
IN 2010, THE HASLAM COLLEGE OF BUSINESS made the pioneering decision to start the first master’s program in business analytics. Faculty members, led by professor emeritus Kenneth Gilbert, recognized a global need for data analysts attuned to the needs of industry and equipped to interpret the tremendous amounts of data generated in a digital age.

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New Faculty

From experienced practitioners to established academics and early-career faculty whose research shows enormous promise, our new colleagues capture the business world in all its complexity.


Neeraj Bharadwaj
Being Good is Good for Business
CONSUMERS FACE a staggering array of choices in today’s marketplace. In an attempt to differentiate their goods and services from the competition’s, companies today are increasingly engaging in cause marketing, or the association of a company’s brand with a specific cause that can benefit society or the environment. Read article
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Sources & Use of Funds

Source of Funds charts
WE CONTINUE TO BUILD infrastructure support in areas of career and professional development, international programs, and student services. Graduate and Executive Education revenues continue to improve. Private philanthropy remains an important funding source at 13 percent of our budget, while revenues from external grants and contracts have experienced a decline. Within the state allocation and standard tuition share category, increased reliance on student tuition revenue relative to state funding continues to be a trend. Salary and benefits also remain the largest expense category, reflecting the importance of human capability in delivering on our organizational mission. At the close of the fiscal year 2018, the market value of our college’s endowment reached $151.6 million, a 9 percent increase over last year. Our total number of donors also continued to rise. Market Value Graphics