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Management and Entrepreneurship

BS in Business Administration

Courses in Management and Entrepreneurship


Anne Smith, Head

Lindsay Mahony, Assistant Head


Cardon, M. (Nestle Professor), PhD – Columbia

Crook, T.R. (First Horizon Professor, Cheryl Massingale Faculty Research Fellow), PhD – Florida State

Leap, T. (Lawson Professor), PhD – Iowa

Mangum, S. (Dean and Stokely Foundation Leadership Chair), PhD – George Washington

Miller, A. (William B. Stokely Chair), PhD – Washington

Morris, M. (Associate Dean and Skinner Professor), PhD, CFLE – Tennessee

Plowman, D.A. (Chancellor), PhD – Texas

Pollock, T. (Haslam Chair of Business and Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship), PhD – Illinois

Smith, A.D. (King and Judy Rogers Professor in Business), PhD – North Carolina

Associate Professors

Munyon, T., PhD – Florida State

Williams, D., PhD – Georgia State

Assistant Professors

Gras, D., PhD – Syracuse

Hymer, C., PhD – South Carolina

Jones, J., PhD – Colorado Boulder

Samba, C., PhD – Houston

Assistant Professors of Practice

Jacobs, K.C., DBA – Florida

Rittenhouse, J., DBA – Lincoln Memorial


Barksdale, C. (Distinguished Lecturer), PhD – Tennessee

Carson, S., EdD – East Tennessee State

Cowell, E.L., PhD – Tennessee

Graves, T.H. (Distinguished Lecturer), MS – East Tennessee State

Jacobs, J. (Distinguished Lecturer), PhD – Tennessee

Mackey, D.L. (Distinguished Lecturer and McKamey Scholar), PhD – Tennessee

Mahony, L.E., MBA – Washington State

Strickling, J.A., PhD – Tennessee

Suiter, J.W., PhD – Pittsburgh

Williamson, S.L., MA – WebsterYoungs, L., MBA – Tennessee

Youngs, L. (Senior Lecturer), MBA – Tennessee

Emeriti Faculty

Ladd, R.T., PhD – Georgia

Stahl, M., PhD – Rensselaer Polytechnic

Cadotte, E., PhD – Ohio State

Human Resource Management

The management of human capital is critical to the success of an organization. The Human Resource Management major prepares students to assume positions as human resource generalists and specialists. The major develops a student's competencies in forecasting human resource needs as well as the recruitment, selection, training, and development of employees. Human resource managers are also involved in designing performance appraisal systems, developing compensation and benefit programs, monitoring employee health and safety, and establishing cooperative working relationships with organized labor, all of which are covered in the coursework. The human resource management curriculum also addresses analyzing current labor force trends, treating employees fairly, encouraging diversity, and understanding the foundations of employment law.


Management is a broad field that focuses on the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of an organization's resources. A manager's ultimate objective is to help his or her organization achieve and sustain a competitive advantage. Careers in management have diverse starting points and trajectories. Management majors can be found working throughout the world in many different industries such as manufacturing, financial services, transportation, entertainment, health care, and many more. Some Management graduates start their own businesses while others spend their careers in governmental and non-profit organizations. One common thread is that people who work as managers depend heavily on their problem-solving and communication skills. The Management curriculum also prepares students for post-graduate work in business, law, health care, and other fields.