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Management & Entrepreneurship

Masters and PhD

Courses in Management & Entrepreneurship



Anne Smith, Department Head

Lindsay Mahony, Assistant Department Head

David Williams, Ph.D. Program Director

Jackie Jacobs, M.S. Program Director


Cardon, M.S. (Haslam Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation), PhD – Columbia

Crook, T.R. (First Horizon Foundation Professor), PhD – Florida State

Leap, T. (Lawson Professor), PhD – Iowa

Mangum, S., (Dean and Stokely Foundation Leadership Chair), PhD – George Washington

Miller, A. (William B. Stokely Chair of Management), PhD – Washington

Morris, M.L. (Associate Dean and Ergen Professor), PhD, CFLE – Tennessee

Plowman, D. (Chancellor), PhD – Texas (Austin)

Pollock, T.G. (Haslam Chair of Business and Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship), PhD – Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

Smith, A.D. (King and Judy Rogers Professor in Business), PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

Associate Professors

Munyon, T.P., PhD – Florida State

Williams, D.W., PhD – Georgia State

Assistant Professors

Gras, D.M., PhD – Syracuse

Hymer, C.B., PhD – South Carolina

Jones, J.J., PhD – Colorado

Samba, C., PhD – Houston

Assistant Professor Practice

Jacobs, K.C., DBA – Florida


Barksdale, C.D. (Distinguished Lecturer), PhD – Tennessee

Carson, S.A., EdD – East Tennessee State

Cowell, E.L., PhD – Tennessee

Ekern, C., MBA – Tennessee

Graves, T.H. (Distinguished Lecturer), MS – East Tennessee State

Jacobs, J.D. (Distinguished Lecturer), PhD – Tennessee

Mackey, D.L. (Distinguished Lecturer), PhD – Tennessee

Mahony, L.E., MBA – Washington State

Rittenhouse, J., DBA – Lincoln Memorial

Scott, N.M., PhD – Tennessee

Stewart, A.C. (Distinguished Lecturer), PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

Strickling, J.A., PhD – Tennessee

Suiter, J., PhD – Pittsburgh

Williamson, S.L., MBA – Barry

Youngs, L. (Senior Lecturer), MBA – Tennessee

Adjunct Faculty

Duchon, D., PhD – Houston

Stairs, D., PhD – Tennessee

Walls, V., MPA – West Chester University

Emeriti Faculty

Cadotte, E.R. (Emeriti Professor of Innovative Learning, PhD – Ohio State

Ladd, R.T., PhD – Georgia

Stahl, M.J., PhD – Rensselaer Polytechnic


Business Administration Major, MBA 
  Consulting Concentration
  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration
Management and Human Resources Major, MS 
Business Administration Major, PhD 
    Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Organizations Concentration