Academic Information

Students complete the core curriculum in two years. Most students finish their minor and research methods courses during the third year, giving them an opportunity to tailor the program to their specific interests and take courses most relevant to their dissertation research.

Required Coursework

Strategy, Entrepreneurship, & Organizations Ph.D. Seminars
BUAD 583PhD Teaching Preparation Seminar
MGT 610Effective Academic Writing
MGT 617Seminar in Macro Organizational Behavior
MGT 618Overview of Entrepreneurship Research
MGT 619Micro Foundations of Entrepreneurship
MGT 620Seminar in Organization Theory
MGT 623Overview of Strategic Management

Primary Methods Courses

MKT 611Research Foundations
STAT 537Statistics for Research I
STAT 538Statistics for Research II
Students take a comprehensive exam in May or early June of the second year. In the remainder of the program, students conduct independent dissertation research with an advisor and dissertation committee.

Research Assistantship
In their first year, students are assigned to faculty members for an assistantship based on their research interests. In the following years, students rotate to work with different faculty members so they get exposure to other research topics and approaches.

In the first year, most students take a course in teaching pedagogy. Students typically teach one class each of three semesters (or two semesters and a summer) during their third and fourth years, and one class during their fifth year.

For more information on the program, please see the SEO Program Handbook.