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The Ph.D. in marketing develops the conceptual and methodological skills necessary to conduct impactful research. We involve students in research projects early, support hands-on learning and maximize the time students devote to research, providing them with the opportunity to develop a robust research portfolio.


The marketing faculty have two main research focus areas in which doctoral students can obtain more specialized expertise.

Marketing strategy explores how manager and organizational behaviors impact marketing and firm outcomes. Research tends to be interdisciplinary, relying on survey and archival data to explore topics such as the impact of teamwork on innovation outcomes, how best to manage frontline sales and service employees, traditional and social media impact on strategic outcomes and brand management.

Consumer behavior research tends to be grounded in cognitive and social psychological theories and relies on laboratory data to explain myriad consumer behaviors, such as choice when options are plentiful, saving for retirement and consumer reactions to social persuasion.


Our curriculum develops students through a series of coordinated marketing seminars and method and cognate area support courses.

Marketing Seminars

  1. A Foundational Seminar introducing students to academic research, covering philosophy of science, problem definition, research design, theory construction, measurement theory and validity, and construct specification.
  2. Two Survey of the Literature seminars, one each in the areas of marketing management and consumer behavior.  These seminars expose students to a wide variety of research topics within each core area of the discipline, with special attention given to seminal research.
  3. Two Current Topics seminars, in marketing management and consumer behavior, providing students with insight on innovations within each area.
  4. Professional Development seminars, providing a forum for students, faculty and guests on research, current topics and trends in the field. Students attend one or more of these seminars every semester while in the program.

Minimum Requirements

  • Marketing Seminars – 15 hours
  • Support Courses – 27 hours
  • Professional Development Seminars – 4 hours
  • Teaching Seminar – 2 hours
  • First Year Paper and Presentation —
  • Second Year Paper and Examination —
  • Dissertation Research – 24 hours
  • Total Minimum Requirement – 72 hours

Managerial Research Track  Behavioral Research Track