Greg Gundlach

Greg Gundlach

Distinguished Professor of Marketing

University of North Florida

The University of Tennessee Ph.D. program provided me with all the training, experience and values necessary to pursue a career in the academic and professional practice of marketing.”


Scott Rader

Scott Rader

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Western Carolina University

Haslam’s doctoral program provided me with a world-class opportunity in academic training for becoming a marketing scholar. I mean the two terms here literally.

First, by “world-class” I mean in the sense that on a global scale, where I’ve fortunately spent a lot of time conducting and presenting research, coming from Haslam you can readily compete with academics from all stripes and credentials. There has never been a time while enmeshed in that highly diverse mix of scholars, including ones from Ivy League institutions, that I felt anything less than either on par or beyond in terms of my knowledge.

Second, by “opportunity” I mean that the platform, people, and resources at Haslam are there for you. If it happens, it will be because you work hard to make it happen, no doubt. But if you do work hard, the folks at Haslam want to help you succeed, and you will succeed.”

Nawar Chaker

Assistant Professor

Elon University

I will always cherish and value my time at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, which was, and will always be, a special place for me. I remember when I was evaluating and selecting Ph.D. programs, I decided on Haslam based on my initial meetings and interactions with faculty and current Ph.D. students. The culture really stood out to me as being unique.

From these meetings and interactions, it was very clear to me that faculty and students behaved as real colleagues and partners, where faculty viewed the doctoral students as junior faculty. This was very important to me, as I was seeking a challenging and rigorous, yet encouraging and warm, environment that would help me grow both professionally and personally.

During my time, UT proved to exceed all of my expectations and to be a remarkable place with loving faculty that always went above and beyond. I really felt that everyone was very eager to help me flourish and succeed as a scholar, as they were always willing to spend extra time to provide limitless assistance, guidance, and mentorship.

One of the things I truly appreciated about Haslam is the fact that faculty had an open door policy and were always willing to listen to new ideas. It was always very apparent that the faculty were fully committed and invested in the doctoral program. This was also always the case with the other fellow doctoral students, who really made an effort to help and see me learn. As Ph.D. students, we were not only colleagues, but we were a very close-knit group of friends.”

Chris Blocker

Chris Blocker

Associate Professor of Marketing

College of Business
Colorado State University

My experience in the PhD program at the University of Tennessee was truly transformational. Beyond a commitment to training students in rigorous scholarship that aims for the highest levels of impact, the faculty at Tennessee are dedicated to mentoring and supporting students in ways that stretch them to become the best they can be. The culture in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Tennessee is marked by an extraordinary blend of collective ambition and collaboration that is truly rare in academia. Students are inspired to appreciate fundamental philosophy of science, develop rigorous contributions for prestigious research outlets, as well as apply their expertise to benefit organizations and society. I am sincerely grateful for my years there and, I am proud to call myself a Tennessee alumni.