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MSBA Student Profiles

Haley Hubbard

Haley Hubbard

MSBA ‘14

Vendor Registry

Knoxville, Tennessee

Haley Hubbard is currently working at Vendor Registry in Knoxville, Tennessee, as the director of business analytics. Hubbard leverages her degree for visualization, light analyses, A/B testing, development of company-wide KPIs and customer segmentation.

“Prior to earning my Master’s of Science in Business Analytics, I earned a bachelor’s from UT in accounting and attended the University of Texas to obtain my Master’s in Professional Accounting,” she says.  After earning these degrees, she worked in forensics services at PwC in New York for three years and in Dallas for two.

“The majority of my work focused on white collar crime investigation, and this is where I discovered my love of disparate data analyses,” Hubbard says. “I recognized that the wave of the future in almost every profession is to have strong analytics skills in addition to your initial focus, and I made the decision to return to school for another degree.”

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Matt Horton

Matt Horton

Matt Horton received his undergraduate degree from the Haslam College of Business in 2001. “Back then, it was the Department of Statistics,” he recalls. “Had the current MSBA program existed, I probably would have stayed around to get my master’s.

Instead, Horton struck out into the world around the time the Internet bubble burst. “Jobs were not plentiful, but I found one in the foreign trade division at the U.S. Census Bureau in Washington, D.C.,” Horton says. “We monitored the exports and imports out of actual shipping ports, and how tax dollars are distributed.”

About a year later, Horton moved to Connecticut and worked with an affinity marketing company. “That’s when I started understanding statistical models and how to use them in the real world,” he says. “I got excited because you can do so much with analytics.”

Horton then took a consulting job at Accenture Marketing Sciences, where he used analytics to help Fortune 500 companies quantify return on investment on their marketing activities. A few years later, he decided to pursue a master’s in applied statistics from Cornell University.

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Robert Woolsey

MSBA ’12

After a successful internship at Home Depot, Robert Woolsey landed a job with the home improvement giant after graduation. “I was a senior analyst in inventory solutions for about a year and a half,” Woolsey says. “Essentially, we were working on trying to bring some optimization to the import side of the organization – tweaking our safety stock logic, the way that we prioritized containers, and how we measured and managed forecast accuracy.”

In 2014, Woolsey became a manager in inventory analytics, allowing him freedom to pursue his interests and strengths. “It was very successful, and we got a lot of things done,” he says. “I developed an algorithm for how we should set inventory levels for our ‘job lot’ SKUs – items with really lumpy sales. We also changed the logic behind our stores’ safety stock targets and saw a significant boost to Home Depot’s in-stock percentage.”

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