Marketing & Supply Chain Management

About Our Department

The Haslam College of Business Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management strives to positively impact society by leading in knowledge creation and dissemination across the Marketing and Supply Chain disciplines.


The MSCM Department is driven by innovation—from its entrepreneurial spirit in developing curricula and new programs to the encouragement of ground-breaking research that is theoretically rich and data-driven. We are a department that thinks strategically so as to chart its way to a successful and sustainable future.


The MSCM Department takes pride in assuming a leadership position within the college, university, state, and global business community. Our faculty take leadership roles through publications, outreach, curriculum development, and guiding top professional organizations.

Rigor and Relevance

The MSCM Department believes that while rigor is a given in all we do, relevance is equally important to direct our endeavors. Our curricula provide students with tools and critical thinking skills that can be directly applied to help advance their organizations, and our research remains rooted in real-world problems.


The MSCM Department values and fosters collegiality and mutual respect; this entails an inclusiveness of diverse perspectives, an appreciation of personal diversity and a generally constructive attitude when presented with opportunities and challenges.

Shared Governance

The MSCM Department follows a shared governance model for decision-making. A shared governance orientation provides transparency and allows each participant to have an equal voice in discussions. This fosters an environment of openness, inclusion, and full participation. For more information, read our Departmental Bylaws.