University of Tennessee

Alumni Spotlight: Aaron Glover

March 13, 2014

By Erika Shults

Aaron Glover graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in statistics and a minor in business administration. After graduation, Aaron continued his academic career at Georgia Tech, where he obtained his MBA and MS in financial engineering. He is currently working at SunTrust in Atlanta, and recently got engaged to Carolyn McDonald. The two are busy planning their wedding for the upcoming year.

Aaron Glover is a senior Associate within the Technology Risk & Compliance’s Fraud Research & Analytics group. It is one of those most innovative within SunTrust, with “unparalleled access to data, technology, and core systems”. Aaron helped introduce the latest technology in the world of big-data to SunTrust, in the forms of a massive computer that can crunch “3.3 billion banking transactions in about 90 seconds”. The Fraud Research & Analytics group helps to combat multiple types of fraud, and ensure a positive experience for every customer.

SunTrust is a “client-first company”, and Aaron’s group is committed to helping deliver great service to all customers. One way that SunTrust has demonstrated this commitment is by offering next day availability of deposited funds. Although customers find this invaluable, so do wrongdoers and thieves, and this creates a new way to commit fraud. In order to combat this new type of fraud, Aaron and his team developed Deposit Alert Verification Engine (DAVE), which uses big data to gain a better understanding of which transactions should be flagged as suspicious and double-checked. Using SAS code that the team wrote, SunTrust is able to effectively and efficiently detect bank deposit fraud. A relatively new process with minimal investment, the process has “prevented $5.4 million in fraudulent deposit losses since February 2013″.

Aaron has been very successful in only a few years, and is very grateful for the skills and tools he learned at the University of Tennessee. The education he received in statistics has given him the “proper tools with which to understand new concepts which have emerged within the business intelligence community”. So much of his role involves “information discovery,” as well as building algorithms, which were skills he developed in his statistics and business classes here at UT.

In addition to combatting fraud, studying for his financial analyst level II exam, and planning his wedding with Carolyn, Aaron enjoys scuba diving and travelling. He will be going to New York City to participate in the IBM Product Kickoff event for a bank fraud counter intelligence platform, alongside Theresa Payron, former White House CIO, later in the month. Aaron Glover will continue to have success in the future, both personally and professionally, and is a great representative for UT.