University of Tennessee

Class of 2014 Gives Back to Business College

May 11, 2014

During the spring 2014 commencement ceremony, the College of Business Administration received a special gift from its graduating seniors.  The Class of 2014 presented Dean Stephen Mangum a check in the amount of $29,363, culminating the college’s 2014 Senior Impact Campaign.

“Senior Impact Week has been a long-standing tradition on campus,” said Chip Bryant, executive director of development for the UT College of Business Administration. Since 1991, each UT graduating class has left an enduring legacy to its alma mater by donating a senior-class gift; this is the fifth year that the College of Business Administration has had its own senior-gift campaign.

“We had an aggressive participation goal of 25 percent this year,” said Bryant. “Last year’s participation rate was 18.5 percent.” The Class of 2014 exceeded its goal and ended up with over 26 percent of the students participating.

“The Senior Impact Campaign encourages students to remember the incredible opportunities and experiences that they had at UT and support the university so that future students can have wonderful experiences of their own,” saidLaura K. Burgin,Impact Student Philanthropy president. “This year’s campaign was so successful because of the passion that the Class of 2014 has for UT. Students were excited to give back and be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Over the past five years, UT College of Business Administration graduating seniors have donated almost $100K back to the college through gifts, matching gifts, and pledges. Funds are directed according to the student’s wishes.

“The Class of 2014 has truly left its mark and made a significant impact on the college,” said Mangum.