Entrepreneur Brothers Hope to Change the Game of Golf

Tony Tuber (HCB, ’24) and senior finance major Mike Tuber founded T Squared Putters, a firm specializing in fully customizable golf putters

June 27, 2024

Tony and Mike Tuber are the co-founders of T Squared Putters, a company specializing in premium, fully customizable golf putters. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the Tuber brothers moved to Knoxville to pursue their business education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Haslam College of Business. Tony, who graduated in 2024 with a degree in marketing, and Mike, a finance major set to graduate next year, have combined their academic knowledge and passion for golf to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams while helping golfers improve their game.

The inspiration for T Squared Putters arose from a personal challenge shared by many golfers: the quest for consistency on the green. Tony, an avid golfer, struggled with his putting despite trying numerous brand-name putters. Frustrated but determined, he realized the market lacked a truly personalized putter designed to enhance individual performance. This revelation led him to join forces with his brother Mike, merging their skills to create T Squared Putters — a brand dedicated to crafting bespoke putters that cater to the unique needs of each golfer.

“T Squared Putters crafts premier putters with unparalleled precision, empowering golfers to elevate their game with confidence,” says Tony. The company strives to encompass the three factors that make a successful golfer: confidence, consistency and proper fitting equipment. “What makes [our] golf putters unique is that they’re ‘built, not bent,’” says Mike. “We design the putter and build it specifically to your putting stroke. Every putter is fully customizable from the colors to the loft, the lie and the logos. If you can dream it, we can build it.” 

Early Success for Entrepreneur Brothers

The Tuber brothers’ company has already received recognition. T Squared’s signature putter, the TS-912, was rated third overall by MyGolfSpy for best blade putters of 2024 and ranked number one for the best blade putter from 10 feet. According to MyGolfSpy, “10 feet is where we see the biggest statistical difference between putters and TS-912 excels from this distance.”

Tony and Mike also won first place and $1,500 in the spring 2024 Vol Court Speaker Series and Pitch Competition hosted by the Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEI). The brothers then went on to win first place and $5,000 in the ACEI’s spring 2024 Graves Business Plan Competition’s growth category, which recognizes UT student-owned startups with high scalability potential. 

The Future of T Squared Putters

While the road of entrepreneurship can often feel long and ambiguous, the Tuber brothers both say that they’re excited for the future of T Squared Putters. They look forward to continuing their family’s legacy of entrepreneurship, as well as growing T Squared Putters to be recognized as the highest quality putting manufacturer. 

The brothers know this is possible, especially with the help they received from the ACEI. “The biggest thing the Anderson Center has done is challenge me to think differently,” says Tony. “Mike and I think very similarly, so we often get caught up in what we think is best and fail to see other perspectives. By thinking differently, I’ve already seen a difference in the last few months with the business growing and propelling to a new level.”

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