University of Tennessee

Graduate Business Analytics Student Interns at Nielsen

September 8, 2016

Nathan Parmeswar did not take an internship at Nielsen to gain work experience. A master’s in business analytics student, he came to the program after several years in the working world. Parmeswar took the internship at Nielson to learn data insight skills no other company currently utilizes.

“Nielsen is the company that really sets the industry standards when it comes to measuring consumer behavior,” Parmeswar said. “I will definitely be using the data modeling techniques I have learned thus far after I graduate.”

Parmeswar works in Nielsen’s marketing effectiveness team determining what mix of techniques yield the highest return on investment. He examines the effectiveness of advertising on social media, television, online videos and multiple other mediums using multiple regression models within a software program called Statistical Analysis System (SAS). This data yields insights to optimize the budgets for each marketing technique and for overall strategy.

“I am working with the data modeling team within the marketing effectiveness department to develop a customized marketing mix ROI model that specifically handles e-commerce data from Amazon,” he said.

Despite having worked in a marketing research firm, Parmeswar says he would not have been prepared for the internship without the classes he has taken during his MSBA.

“The program really equipped me with the skills needed to handle large data sets, which is a skill I did not have before joining,” he says. “That is a very important skill set in my current internship. It also helped me polish my programming skills.”

Parmeswar plans to use both the technical and soft skills he honed during his internship in a position after graduation.

“I found that I love presenting and communicating my findings to co-workers and clients,” he says. “I also prefer working with certain software programs over others. That has helped me greatly when it comes to targeting specific full-time roles.”