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Math Driven Students Turn to Business Analytics as Profession

September 15, 2014

The University of Tennessee’s Business Analytics program was recently featured in an article from Center for Digital Education. The top Analytics program was featured as a popular, new career path for students who love math. In her article, Tanya Roscorla interviews two of our Master’s in Business Analytics (MSBA) students, Amy McLaughlin and DJ Rose, and our Beaman Professor of Business, Dr. Melissa Bowers.

Once upon a time, being a math teacher or an engineer was the only career option for math-lovers. But as our big data gets even bigger, analysis of such data has become a career in high demand (it is still the best job in the 21st century). Both DJ Rose and Amy McLaughlin found business analytics after beginning entirely different career paths. Amy was looking to be a pharmacist and DJ was in accounting. Dr. Bowers emphasizes the importance of informing high school students on the possibilities of an analytics career, “We continue to welcome companies who wish to make a recruiting partnership with our program and enjoy matching each of our students with the perfect company.”

The article also highlights UT’s MSBA program’s strenuous curriculum. An MSBA student will have a mandatory summer internship doing advanced analytics, a capstone project which solves a real-world analytics problem for a company, and all the other statistics, business and communications classes that are required.

To read the Center for Digital Education’s full article, click here.