University of Tennessee

Stahl Talks about Physician Executive MBA Program

July 8, 2014

Michael Stahl, PhD, is the William Stokely Distinguished Professor of Business and the director of the UT Physician Executive MBA (PEMBA) program, a unique and highly successful one-year-long executive-level MBA program for physicians. The program’s blended delivery mode consists of four week-long residency periods on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus and weekly three-hour distance-learning sessions. The PEMBA curriculum features a holistic view of business disciplines, student assignments, and projects applied directly to a learner’s organization, student peer learning, and leadership development.

In the OIT Faculty Spotlight video, Stahl shares his insights about the PEMBA blended program: what a typical distance-learning week looks like; how student engagement is facilitated in live online sessions, what kind of support students receive to be successful learners, instructional strategies for peer learning, and the benefits of a blended program.

Whether you are an administrator or an instructor thinking about trying out a blended-course delivery mode, Stahl has a wealth of useful information for you. Watch video.