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NeXxus: Connecting Women in Supply Chain

Launched in 2015, the NeXxus Initiative is a joint effort between faculty, students and Supply Chain Forum partner firms to create a more diverse student body within the Haslam College of Business supply chain program, with the ultimate aim of creating more diverse and inclusive business organizations.

The NeXxus student-led organization arose in 2016 to a student-led organization in the Haslam College of Business that focuses on networking, mentoring and empowering women majoring in supply chain management. Throughout the year, NeXxus hosts events and workshops to educate women in supply chain, prepare students to achieve career success and create a confident community of women in business.

NeXxus Goals

  • Foster Networking: Create networking channels for women SCM students in the Haslam College of Business and women SCM practitioners.
  • Provide Mentoring Opportunities: Cultivate mentoring relationships between women SCM practitioners and women SCM students in the college.
  • Build Confidence: Enable women to “lean in,” developing future leaders in SCM.
  • Develop Community: Establish a community for women in supply chain to cultivate connections with students and alumni that encourage collaboration and support.
  • Attract Talent: Educate women students about potential careers in SCM to provide increased gender diversity among our graduates and to help address current gender gaps in the field.

NeXxus Benefits

NeXxus programming revolves around the key themes of community and confidence.

Community: NeXxus aims to support and build the supply chain community for our students. Not only is the community within the Haslam College of Business important, but extending that community to NeXxus alumni and the broader Supply Chain Forum community of professionals is part of everything we do.

Confidence: NeXxus programming is designed to build confidence in our women so that they are prepared thrive in their supply chain careers. Learning to “Lean-In” takes practice, but doing so builds confidence in oneself.

Community and confidence are built through:

  • Monthly meetings and social events: These are designed to promote community while developing professional skills to prepare women for future careers in supply chain management.
  • Guest speakers: Executives in the supply chain field share their experience and offer career advice to organization members.
  • Workshops: Various events during the school year help members learn or enhance personal and professional skills.
  • Networking at the Supply Chain Forum: The NeXxus reception held each semester provides members opportunities to learn about different supply chain companies and network with SCM professionals.

Looking Forward

The Office of Diversity and Community Relations hosts an annual NeXxus Summit. This four-day residential program is designed to help high school students explore the field of supply chain management.

Get connected with NeXxus!
310 Stokely Management Center
Knoxville, TN 37996-0530

This contact information is for the NeXxus student organization. For the NeXxus Summit, visit the Office of Diversity & Community Relations.