Prospective & Transfer Students

Tours and Orientation

We recommended students contact the UT Admissions Office first to schedule tours.  Prospective students can also email Haslam’s Undergraduate Programs office to connect with one of our student ambassadors.

Internal and External Transfer Admission

Students who are not directly admitted to the Haslam College of Business their freshman year or who are transferring from other educational institutions can apply for admission after completing the tracking courses.

To be eligible for admission into Haslam, students must obtain a grade of C or better in all tracking courses, prior to completing 75 hours.

Internal and external transfer students will be categorized as business exploratory majors until they complete the requirements for admission. Admission to a specific major, such as accounting or supply chain management, is part of the college’s competitive process for transfer admission.

Transferring Credits to the University of Tennessee

When transferring credits from another institution to the University of Tennessee, some courses might transfer as LD or UD rather than as direct equivalents to UT courses.

  • LD stands for “lower division,” indicating a course did not transfer as an exact match to a UT course but counts for 100-200 level credits.
  • UD stands for “upper division,” indicating a course did not transfer as an exact match to a UT course but counts for 300-400 level credits.

Courses that transfer as LD or UD can be petitioned if their content fulfills a requirement. A student’s adviser will need a copy of the course syllabus to complete the petition, although there is no guarantee a course will be approved to fulfill a specific requirement.

Transfer equivalency tables can be found on the University Registrar’s webpage.

Technology Requirements

Technology is integrated into the business curriculum, and all students admitted into a business major are required to have a laptop computer.

Students receiving financial aid may be eligible for a one-time allowance for the purchase of a laptop. Contact UT One Stop for information.

The University of Tennessee has negotiated products and special pricing through a number of vendors. These products are available at the campus technology store. For current Haslam laptop specifications, please visit http://tis.bus.utk.edu/

All students must have a university-supplied email address – netid@utk.edu – that is utilized for official university communication.