Student Opportunities

Professional Development Certification

The Professional Development Certification is a joint initiative sponsored by the Haslam College of Business and the Center for Career Development. Students complete a series of activities aimed at clarifying career goals and improving preparedness for acquiring internships and entering the workforce.

Students who complete the program will be recognized and have their resumes sent to Haslam’s top internship recruiters. They also are encouraged to put the certification on their resumes.

Students who wish to participate should fill out the Program Interest Form. Once you have filled out the interest form, you will complete the steps below for the certification program.

Step 1 - The Purpose

Complete a series of activities that will:

  • clarify career goals
  • enhance your resume
  • make yourself more competitive for internships and first-time jobs

Step 2 - The Base Requirements

  • Register with Hire-A-Vol
  • Participate in a resume critique
  • Join a student organization
  • Complete a career planning exercise

Step 3 - Choose 3

  • Attend an etiquette dinner
  • Network at a university job fair
  • Conduct an informational interview
  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory
  • Participate in a practice interview
  • Attend a Center for Career Development workshop

Step 4 - SIGN UP!


The deadline for completing all requirements is in the spring semester.
For more information email us or call (865) 974-5096.


“Students’ investment of time and energy in this program will pay huge dividends as they enter the competitive marketplace seeking a job.”

Dr. M. Lane Morris,
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs

“The Professional Development Certification is a great offering and I strongly encourage students to participate.”

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Stank,
Bruce Chair of Excellence in Business and Professor of Supply Chain Management