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Applied Learning

Applied learning is emphasized throughout the year with individual and/or team assignments that focus on improving the process of healthcare for patients and the organizations who serve them.

Instead of teaching elective courses or classes on separate business disciplines, professors address real-world problems from multiple perspectives and focus on common challenges that physicians face. The goal is to help students immediately apply business principles to situations which undermine efficiency and patient care.

Example topics include:

  • Healthcare strategic environment analysis
  • Healthcare market opportunities
  • Financial statements
  • Time value of money
  • Customer value interviewing
  • Capital budgeting in healthcare
  • Process improvement plan
  • IT governance documentation
  • Marketing strategy and segmentation assignment
  • Value based management
  • Lean Six Sigma and healthcare performance improvement

Organizational Action Project

During their Organizational Action Project (OAP) PEMBA participants design a project that will improve both patient and organizational outcomes. They work with a faculty advisor and their own corporate team to implement it, with deliverables scheduled throughout the program year.

Similar to a thesis, the project is graded independently of all other assignments, and our students report significant impact to efficiency and patient care through through their OAPs.

Example Projects

  • Full-blown business plans
  • Redesigns of work processes
  • Market analyses for new services
  • New product designs
  • New international market proposals
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Analyses of mergers and acquisitions
  • Cost analyses
  • New product development processes
  • Customer value analyses
  • Human resource initiatives
  • New healthcare distribution channels
  • New service line designs
  • New outpatient services

Example OAP