Bob Muenchen

Bob Muenchen

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Robert A. Muenchen is the author of R for SAS and SPSS Users and, with Joseph M. Hilbe, R for Stata Users. He is also the creator of, a popular web site devoted to analyzing trends in data science software and helping people learn the R language. Detailed outlines of Bob’s R workshops are available there.

Bob is an ASA Accredited Professional Statistician™ with 35 years of experience and is currently the manager of OIT Research Computing Support (formerly the Statistical Consulting Center) at the University of Tennessee. He has taught workshops on research computing topics for more than 500 organizations. Bob has written or coauthored over 70 articles published in scientific journals and conference proceedings, and has provided guidance on more than 1,000 graduate theses and dissertations.

Bob has served on the advisory boards of SAS Institute, SPSS Inc., Intuitics OOD, StatAce OOD, the Statistical Graphics Corporation and PC Week Magazine. His suggested improvements have been incorporated into SAS, SPSS, JMP, STATGRAPHICS and several R packages. His research interests include statistical computing, data graphics and visualization, text analytics, and data mining.

Presentation: The two advisory firms Gartner and Forester rarely agree on much, but they both rank the top three data science companies as: IBM, SAS, and KNIME. This talk will describe the free and open source KNIME’s rapid growth, will briefly demonstrate its non-programming approach to advanced analytics, and show how it easily integrates code from R, Python, Spark, and H2O into its work flows.